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  • PCSO Lotto Results at lynxjuan and

    Posted on June 2nd, 2011 No comments

    I had always succeeded visiting the official PCSO Lotto website every time I had to check my bet against the latest draw results.

    However, last night while trying to visit the site, I had a hard time accessing it. While trying a few times, I just received a message on my browser window “Server congestion too many visitors, try again later”. This was the note that appeared instead of the Lotto results.

    I then realized it was again the Grand 6/55 Lotto drawn last night which had the jackpot prize of Php 356,552,917.20. Maybe that was why many Lotto fans who made their bet also wanted to see the winning numbers online.

    So I just tried to search other sites who had existing posts of the much awaited lucky numbers for that night. Luckily I found two other websites with the newest and updated winning combination of the PCSO results. But unfortunately my bet had lost again. It’s okay, I’ll just try again some other time.

    Anyways, aside form the official site the top two (2) websites I discovered as of this posting were (screenshot 1.0) and (screenshot 1.1). This websites were posting daily the latest draw results. Now, I have somewhere to go in case I will again experience down time in the official PCSO site. Maybe, you can use them too.

    screenshot 1.0

    screenshot 1.1

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